Dog Days of Summer Open Studio 2017

PC_OS_2017dogdays_FRONT©2017 Joan Waters. 
As anyone who has visited my studio has probably observed, there are a lot of “pieces” and works in progress throughout the space. Not too long ago, I decided to commit to finishing everything that is in the studio. This includes welded steel sculptures, as well as many new pieces that include steel and ceramic elements, reclaimed wood, barn wood, and paintings.

This work will be part of upcoming shows in the fall and into next year (Solo at Chartreuse Contemporary in October, Hidden in the Hills Studio Tour in November, Trinity Cathedral in February 2018). There are many of these newly completed works to preview at the open studio, in addition to colorful new ceramic tables, trellises and birds for garden spaces.

I’m pleased to be celebrating the 10th year of my welding studio, and hope you’ll be able to join me. The space is air conditioned, and there will be light refreshments. Friendly dogs are welcome (on leash). The event is free and open to the public, wheelchair accessible, with lots of easy parking. Located one-half mile from the Martin Rd light rail stop.

Please support the Summer Food Drive!
This year we will again host the Summer Food Drive, because food banks are often in high demand and low supply this time of year. Guests who bring a donation of 3 or more of any of the following: peanut butter/ canned meat, chicken, or fish/ canned fruit/canned veggies for United Food Bank, will receive a 10% discount on their art purchase. Or, a donation by check will take advantage of the food bank’s buying power: every $1 donated feeds 4 meals.


Prepare for more light…!

Pen & ink, colored pencils on paper ©2016 Joan Waters. 
December 21st~Today is the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere, the shortest day of the year. The solstice (from the Latin ‘solstitium’ meaning ‘sun-stopping’) occurs at 3:44 am MST in Phoenix, Arizona, (use this link to find the local time of the solstice in your location, plus lots of other interesting information about solstices and equinoxes).

The daylight hours will lengthen from this point until the March Equinox, when day and night are nearly equal in length. Lights, feasting and festivals around the world celebrate this turning of the sun, the return of the light. As we mark this time of year, we celebrate connections with each other and with our Earth. Prepare for light, growth, and unexpected gifts which may surprise. (Incidentally, in the Southern Hemisphere, this is the Summer Solstice.)